Friday, November 13, 2015

Finally Friday! (#3): Legend

Finally Friday! is a weekly post on Doodle's Book Reviews that hilights a recently acquired book that I've been waiting to get my hands on. Feel free to leave a comment!

Some of you may know that before I started blogging, my Twitter account was a fandom account. Everyone I followed at that time seemed to be talking about Legend non-stop-- Day! June! Day and June!-- and while I saw the hype, I didn't feel like reading it. 

Flash forward two, two and a half years, and my best friend discovers the trilogy, reading it and gushing about it and making me want to give it a try. Slowly but surely, I decide that I want to read it, and said friend loans me his copies of all three books.

Now I have Legend (And Prodigy, and Champion) on my shelf, waiting on me to read it. 

After my current TBR, I'm diving in, because I think it's about time for me to see what all of you have been raving about. Whether or not I'll jump on the Legend bandwagon remains to be seen, but I can tell you that I've already read a few pages and my curiosity is piqued.

How many of you have read Legend?


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