Who Am I?

   My name is Stephanie, a few super special people call me "Doodle", and I'm a 20 year-old book fanatic. I read, stroke, and sniff these wonderful bindings of pages that make up so much of my life. I also write, and hopefully someone will be sniffing and stroking my book one day. I review YA books and love to do it. I frequent author signings near me, though not very many authors come to Missouri, so I generally travel to Chicago for them. #TheMidwestNeedsBookLove

     I started book blogging nearly two years ago because I spoke to one of my favorite authors and she suggested that I create a blog to help me get myself into the bookish community, since I was only reviewing for school and by word of mouth. Thus, Doodle's Book Reviews was born. Here, I have two weekly posts: Tuesday Reviews and Thursday Thinks. I used to post nearly every day, but due to outside responsibilities (And the fact that I'll be busy with college soon) I've made the decision to cut back a bit. As well as these features, I also help with blog tours, author/book spotlights, etc. and love almost every minute of it.

Another reason I started blogging, is that I write. Nearly all of my life, I've wanted to be an author, and blogging helps me to familiarize myself with the way things work. I write all kinds of genres, but all YA. My completed manuscripts include an Urban Fantasy, and Contemporary, and I'm currently working my way through a Horror/Thriller/Adventure. I am on the hunt for an agent, and then the stars are where I'm shooting.

If you're ever looking for me, I'll probably be at Barnes and Noble, getting food somewhere--especially if it's new or out of the box or exotic-- or skyping my best friends for hours upon end. If I'm not doing any of those things, I'm probably hiding somewhere with my nose stuffed in a book, and I ask that you please do not interrupt me, as I'm exploring a world that is not my own.

I am many things, but the things I like to be categorized as the most, are: Greaser. Initiate. Selectioner. Tribute. Shadowhunter. Ravenclaw. Demigod. Glader. Cold One. Darkling. Dragonrider. Caster. Compound survivor.

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