Thursday, January 30, 2014

12 Things You Might Have Missed In TFIOS trailer

Well now I'm even more of a mess than I was when I watched the trailer each of the 40k+ times. Thanks.

The Fault In Our Stars Trailer Released!

The trailer for The Fault In Our Stars! Watch it, love it, cry over it, let the feels explode!!!! Looks like Shai and Ansel will do this film some major justice :)

Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

     Where do I begin?
      Clockwork Prince blew it's predecessor out of the water. I was thoroughly engrossed in this book; I started it as soon as I finished Clockwork Angel, and devoured it within 24 hours. It certainly did change my opinion on the series- In fact, it's incredibly painful to be typing this review, knowing that upstairs, Clockwork Princess is waiting for me. I was very pleased with the second of the Infernal Devices series.
     Tessa still doesn't know exactly what she is, but the race to find Mortmain and keep Charlotte running the Institute is on. While Tessa and the Shadowhunters search for answers about Mortmain, she finds herself lost in the arms of not only Will Herondale, but his best friend Jem Carstairs as well. As Will tries to find a the demon that cursed him, Tessa becomes closer to Jem, and their relationship strengthens. A question of loyalties, blood, and family, I don't want to give away too much.
     If you read Clockwork Angel, do not hesitate to dive into Clockwork Prince- it'll leave you breathless and longing for more, constantly on the edge of your seat (Or whatever the type of sitting area your favorite reading place consists of!).
     As with the Mortal Instruments, the series started out slow, but the second book went off with a bang from page one. Nothing but praise for Clockwork Prince from me.
     "To Love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

     I started Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare with high expectations in mind. I read and loved The Mortal Instruments more than most YA series, and it's probably my favorite series to date. Also, The Infernal Devices get quite a lot of hype from readers on Twitter. So I dove into Clockwork Angel ready to be amazed. Shockingly, I wasn't.
     The storyline follows sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray. She moves to London from America to be with her brother, Nate, and is captured upon arrival and held against her will by two magical creatures called Warlocks. The Dark Sisters, as the creatures called themselves, showed Tessa that she has a power that will allow her to change into other people's skins. A shape shifter, they called her, and forced Tessa to endure this painful change on a daily basis, threatening to kill Nate, who they also had imprisoned.
     One day, the Dark Sisters tell Tessa that a man known as the Magister is coming to marry her for her talents, and things are looking bleak when Will Herondale, a Shadowhunter, unknowingly rescues her from whatever had been her future. Tessa finds refuge in the home of the Shadowhunters, and they help her find her brother in a trade that she use her powers to help them find and defeat The Magister. Tessa finds a strange attraction to Will, as well as his best friend Jem, and a love triangle forms amidst the story.
     I would recommend this book to fans of TMI, and if it doesn't snatch you up by the last page and leave you wanting more, to do what I'm going to do and keep reading the series. It'll perk up, I think.
     This is a trilogy, and to be fair, City Of Bones started out slow also, but pepped right up in the second book, keeping my interest through the series. Plenty of time for the story to change my views. What kept me reading were the love interests, Tessa's love for reading and books, and the big question for the book: What exactly IS Tessa? I did get very animated during the big fight scene, yelling at the book and freaking out a bit- Feels running high! I will be finishing the series, though. In fact, I'm starting Clockwork Prince as soon as I hit that post button. I am excited to see where the series goes, and though Spoilers have ruined the ending of Clockwork Princess for me, I have faith that this series will be just as good as TMI

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Release

After The Compound by S.A. Bodeen came out in 2008, I knew there had to be a sequel coming up. The ending set just enough questions in your mind to nake you want more. Well, after 6 years, Bodeen has finally released Fallout, the sequel to Compound! I urge you to read both these books, and Fallout is on my next to read list (bought it yesterday!). Review for Compound coming soon!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Book Review: Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards


 Natalie and Ash are back again after the stress of their previous feats from Black City (No specifics, don't want to spoil anything) and things are more dangerous than ever. Plus, they're engaged! Dictator Purian Rose has proposed a new law- one that, if voted for, will mean a concentration camp called the Tenth for the Darklings. To make it worse, Rose threatens Ash, saying if he doesn't vote in favor of this law, he'll have Natalie killed. After choosing not to exile his fellow Darklings to the Tenth, Ashe knows Natalie's in constant danger. Elijah, the bastet boy Natalie had rescued from her mother's experiments, suggests they travel to find a powerful weapon known as the Ora, which could be their only hope in defeating Purian Rose once and for all, and they decide it's their best chance. Ash, Natalie and Elijah set out on this quest, a love triangle forming, to find this weapon and save their country.
     A fantastic continuation of the story, Phoenix pulls on the heartstrings many, many times. The characters undergo some major situations, and their responses are always intriguing. The story had me on edge for a while, but I enjoyed every minute of it! I have to say, I was wondering from a quarter of the way in what Natalie's situation was, and now that I know for sure it's killer not to have the third book, especially since the book ends in a CLIFFHANGER! Dun, dun, dun!
     I would recommend this book to those who liked Black City, because it's the second book, as well as any who like dystopian/teen romance books. It is a trilogy, and WINGS, the final installment, comes out in June 12, 2014. Will time please speed up?

Book Review: Black City by Elizabeth Richards

 When I picked up this book in Fall 2012, I had never heard of Elizabeth Richards, but it sounded interesting and I decided to give it a shot. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
     Black City by Elizabeth Richards is set in a post-apocalyptic era where humans are on the brink of war with the Darklings. Natalie Buchanan is the Emissary's daughter, and she's used to the big city, but after the death of her father and the maiming of her sister, her mother moves her down to live in a part of the country that isn't as fancy as she's used to. She attends school there, and tries to fit in; make friends. That's when she meets Ash Fisher, a half-blood darkling that she becomes strangely- and illegally- attracted to. If anyone finds out that they just might be more than friends, it could mean execution for them both, so they hide their feelings, desperate not only to see each other, but to keep it secret. The disagreements between the Darklings and the humans keep piling up, and eventually the two are forced to do some things that could very well end up in their deaths.
     After reading Black City, I was entranced. I wanted more of this world and I wanted it now. But I waited patiently, or, you know, not-so-patiently, for the second installment. Out of all the books I've read in my life, Black City definitely had the biggest, most shocking, and unexpected plot twist I have ever experienced. It's to die for, and I nearly did. And the way she writes... I can't express my admiration enough. In a matter of days, I went from never having heard of Richards, to having a new favorite author.
      I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA dystopian/romance, and who loves a good trilogy. Black City is one of the best trils out there; it deserves to be read, and I promise you that you won't regret it.
      Dear Elizabeth Richards,
            I've been here since the beginning, and I'll stay here til the end. Forever a fan of BC <3

Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


So I already knew the ending because so many people from Twitter love it and talk about it 24/7, so I didn't have that shock and awe, tears flowing type experience I would've normally had. But I can honestly say that this book has changed my life.

I read it in 5 hours, and I love how brutally honest Hazel is. She doesn't sugar coat anything, and she tells it like it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Thank you Mr. John Green) Then when Augustus came into the story, I didn't want to put it down. He just brought the story to life, brightened the pages up a little. I loved the story, the disappointment with Van Houten in Amsterdam, everything was perfect. I managed to hold the tears until this line:

"Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral...(cntd)"

From then on I had to have tissues, and had to take frequent breaks to clear the water from my eyes so that I could actually read the rest of the words. I like that the story ended in Gus' death, no matter how much I miss him now, because, just like AIA it shows that life doesn't always have a happy ending.

I would recommend this to everyone, really, because of the multitude of meanings behind it. I kind of went around in a stupor for about two hours after reading the last page, not because the story depressed me, but because there was so much to think about, and frankly, I really want my own Augustus.

This book has changed my life, I already know. I now look at everything in a much different way, and I'm probably going to be a lot more thoughtful from now on. My mind was pretty muddled after reading TFIOS, because I liked it, but I didn't get as attached to the characters as I usually do. Though I assure you, many many tears were shed over Augustus Waters, and I'll not soon forget his name.

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations"

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