Friday, December 18, 2015

Finally Friday! (#7): The Edge

Finally Friday! is a weekly post on Doodle's Book Reviews that hilights a recently acquired book that I've been waiting to get my hands on. Feel free to leave a comment!

I read PEAK as a sixth grader and was completely amazed by the story. In the years before, I loved staying up late at night on New Year's to watch the televised Everest climbs with my parents, and when I discovered this book, I devoured it whole.

Now, six years later, a sequel popped onto shelves, and my inner middle schooler screamed. Of course I waited so that I could put it on my Christmas list, but when I saw it on shelves at my local indie I just couldn't resist. The wait was too much.

I left with it in my hands, excitement at a Peak (See what I did there?), and am proud to see it sitting on my shelf and waiting for me to dive into it after the New Year. A review is definitely on the way, guys. And I can't wait to continue Peak's journey.


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