Friday, March 28, 2014

YA Blogs and Bloggers

     There are hundreds of thousands of books in the world, and I think we all can agree that YA is pretty special. We have the best stories, and we've kicking butt at the box office! We have no shortage of YA bloggers, either, though sometimes they can be hard to locate. So for those of you who like reading reviews, or like reading other blogs, this post is for you.

     Below are links to some blogs that you may be interested in. If I know them personally, they'll have a short little description. Feel free to check them out, and tell them Stephanie sent you!

1.) That Crazy Fanboy
Run by Matt Keenan, a good friend of mine, who- prepare to gasp- is an AMERICAN FANBOY! I know you gasped, right, because I did. Though he hasn't posted since, like, *checks blog* February 13 (Wow, Matt, February 13? What are you trying to do, kill us all?!) I know he's not going to abandon us and quit blogging.
To follow Matt on Twitter, click here

2.) The Hopeless Reader
Run by Ivey Byrd, also a good friend of mine, who is a crazy fast reader and who has read 1600 books in three years. (Yeah, I told you, crazy fast!) She's always one of my go-to people for a book discussion or recommendation!
To follow Ivey on Twitter, click here

3.) A Book Blog
Run by Beth, who posts not just book reviews, but movie reviews and trailer reviews as well! Always love to check out her blog and see what the most recent post is (For instance, Favorite/Least Favorite book covers.)
To follow Beth on Twitter, click here

4.) Hey Author!
Run by Hayley!
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5.) Becoming Books
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6.) Ohana Reads
Run by Stephanie Ehmann
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7.) Book Nerd
Run by Giselle
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8.) YA Contemporary
Run by Jim Dean
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8.) Adventures of A Teenage Bookworm!
Run by Shannon Thackrah
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9.) Alexis Loves Books
Run by Alexis
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10.) The Eater of Books
Run by Alyssa Susanna
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11.) Writing My Own Fairy Tale
Run by Lori
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12.) Owl Always Be Reading
Run by Andy Estrada
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13.) The White Unicorn
Run by Christianna Marks

14.) Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists
Run by Melissa Carpenter
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15.) Icey Books
Run By Hafsah Laziaf
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16.) Kelly Loy Gilbert's List of Bloggers
Here's a list of 130 bloggers for you, some featured here, some not.

Check out their blogs, follow them on Twitter, and come back real soon!! Giveaway going on within the next week or two!!!