Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seize the Tuesday #9: NEVER, ALWAYS, SOMETIMES Cover Reveal!

Seize the Tuesday is a book blogger meme created by myself and the Let’s Get Lost Buddies Street Team, to share stories about how we’ve seized the Tuesday, with a special focus on the particular book we’re reading. We’ll share our posts online with the hashtag: #LetsAllGetLost
The idea is to share little ways in which you may have embraced Bree’s motto of seizing the Tuesday. To relate it to books, you can talk about what book you’re reading, and how you stole some moments from the day to enjoy reading. It doesn’t have to be about reading, but we all know that a well-read day is a day seized. The idea is not just to help spread the word on LGL, but also to remind people to live fully, even/especially if that means spending a part of your day reading.

As you know (And as the italics above say), these Seize the Tuesday posts that you've been seeing on some of our blogs are due to us being on a Street Team for Adi Alsaid. The posts have been all about our Seizing the Day like a character from Alsaid's novel, LET'S GET LOST, so I'm seizing this Tuesday to show you guys the cover of Adi's latest book!

So without further ado.....

Keep scrolling

Don't you hate it when people do this?


Drum roll?!


Magnifico, eh?

Here's all that we get in way of Goodreads Description

"...two best friends, a boy and girl, make a list of the cliché things they will never do their senior year."

Mr. Alsaid?
Yes, we'd like a little more.
No, of course we're intrigued.
But we're also very anxious.
And chomping at the bit.
And we already have to wait all the way until August.
Why must you torture us so?


More news to come (Hopefully?!?) and you can be looking for my review after the release date (August 4th, from Harlequin Teen).

Go out and Seize yourTuesday!

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