Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Last Time We Say Goodbye

  I've heard quite a few good things about Cynthia Hand's stories, but I hadn't tried any of her novels. When I learned about the Epic Reads tour, and that it was coming to Chicago, I went out and bought the book. Now, I too can say good things about Cynthia's writing.
  When someone you love dies, they take a piece of you with them. When that someone is your little brother, and they commit suicide, it really alters your universe. But what makes it worse for Lex, is that to a degree, she blames herself. She's lost touch with the person she used to be, and though she's trying to find that girl again, it's hard to do so when Tyler's ghost keeps showing up at home. The Last Time We Say Goodbye follows Lex on her journey through senior year without her brother, and you uncover more of the story with each chapter, until you finally find out why Lex lives with guilt over Ty's death.
   I love love loved this book. It's a tear-jerker, so be sure to keep some tissues handy! I give it four stars and recommend it to everyone, simply because it can really change a person's view on how they live their life. Go out and snuggle up with this book, and let yourself wonder... when was The Last Time YOU Said Goodbye?

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