Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: SALT & STONE by Victoria Scott


     So guys, I just finished SALT & STONE by Victoria Scott, the sequel to last year's FIRE & FLOOD, and... I don't really want to review it.

     Now let me explain.

     I absolutely adored FIRE & FLOOD. So of course I requested an ARC at the earliest moment. Thanks to Scholastic, I got one in the mail and devoured it within a few days. So as I sit here, I realize that I don't really want to write a review. "Was it that bad?" You ask. On the contrary: It was exceptionally beautiful and I cried. Then why not review it? Because this book damaged my feels and I'm currently unstable and Victoria Scott, why must you do these types of things? I really just have so many thoughts running through my head at this moment that I feel like reviewing it would never make the impact necessary to tell people that YOU NEED TO GO GET THESE BOOKS AND READ THEM AND CHERISH THEM. 

That being said... the point of this blog is to review books, right?


Let me try to work some reviewing magic. C'mon, brain, quit thinking about your SALT & STONE theories and confuddlements for five minutes.

Tella and Madox are ready to go-- The first half of the Brimstone Bleed is under their belts, and the second half is about to start-- and things are getting even more tense. Between the haunts of the first two legs of the race, and the stress of what's to come next, the Contenders have deserved the rest at the second base camp. But all good things must come to an end, and all Tella can think about is winning the Brimstone Bleed and getting the Cure for her brother. 

Things happen in the last half of the race. Things that I, quite frankly, am still not okay with, because... I can't actually tell you or that'd be spoilery and I refuse to spoil this book... but I'm still in denial over a few things. Things that have now made me make it a priority on my list to meet Victoria Scott in 2015 so that I can ask her WHAT THE HECK?!

So 5/5 stars to SALT & STONE. Fantastic read, full of danger, suspense, survival, annnd that little bit of romance that we all love. 

Go get it. But get the first book, first. And then come tell me what you think of it!

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