Monday, May 18, 2015


I has an announcement!

Starting in June, I'm going to be live-interviewing an author a month, and posting the link to the interview up here for you all to enjoy. Each interview will include a time for the authors to talk about their books, and what's coming up next for them, as well as a short discussion on a set topic. Of course, there will be a question round, and I'll be asking some questions of my own as well as a few from you, the readers! 

Here's how that's going to work

Each month, I'll tell you who I'll be doing a live-show with, and give you a link. From there, you can RSVP, and let me know that you plan on joining us, and start thinking of any questions you might want answered. On the day of the chat, go find that link and get ready for some fun. 

The fantastic thing about the live-show is that we'll be able to interact with those of you who are watching. You can send in your questions as we talk, and when we open up and start the question round, I'll be taking your questions from the comments section in the live-shows (Which will be hosted through Google Hangouts, by the way) as well as any questions sent in through Twitter or Facebook.

We'll take as many questions as we can cram into our chat time window, so don't be afraid to send those in.

You are more than welcome to send questions in early. Feel free to send them in anytime, just be sure to use the author-specific hashtag you find in the month's announcement post.

For example:

I've very pleased to tell you that June's Blogisode is going to be titled "The Craze About Critique Partners" and it will feature Bethany Crandell and A.G. Howard! We've got some great stuff planned, and I can't wait to get started.

The hashtag for this Dynamic Duo of a show is #CrazeAboutCritPs! Be sure to tell me who your question is for, or if it's for everyone!

We're very excited to see your questions, and hopefully you'll have any answers you seek from some of your favorite books.

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