Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Review: Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

     I know I don't have any reviews posted for the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and my reason for that is this: I read Shiver, Linger, and Forever way before I started this blog, and I didn't want to post a review of books that I may not remember every single specific detail of. But let me just tell you that I read those three books in a single weekend, and they were the first books to ever make me sob. Upon finishing them, I took out the novel I was writing, and wondered how anything I wrote would ever compare to these books. Unless you've read them, there is no way to describe how amazing they are. If you haven't read the previous three books, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. Click the back arrow. Ex out of the tab. Come back after you've read them. I do not want to spoil this series for you.
     Cole St. Clair has finally started his life back again. After the wild times in Minnesota with Sam and Grace, he got the opportunity to work with Baby North, a woman who makes her living off of filming the lives of superstars and watching them crash and burn. Every famous person who's ever been on Baby's show has come out of it in a worse state than they came in, and that's exactly what she hopes to happen with Cole. His past shows that he's a great candidate for it, but Cole is determined to stay clean and sober. He takes this job, and shows up in Los Angeles, and all he can think about is Isabel. Finally, they're in the same town once more, and as he struggles to live in this town and be alone, he also has to struggle to keep the wolf in his blood at bay.
     Isabel has finally started to try getting her life back together. She's taking classes to become a nurse, and she has a job, and though she's as bitter as ever, things are going alright. That is, until Cole shows up and tells her he came to L.A. for her. Now she has to use everything she has to not fall back in love with the boy who brings so many memories-- Good and bad-- from the past. Isabel is her same old self, though, and Cole is the only boy she just can't resist. But there is one way she can resist him, and that's if he starts to shift again.
     Sinner is a great companion novel to the Shiver trilogy. Everyone wanted more of Cole and Isabel, and to see what happened to everyone after Forever, and now we get a glimpse of Sam and grace's life, and the main focus on Cole and Isabel . Beautifully written, as always, and a great way to get thrown back into the Wolves of Mercy Falls for a while. Like I'd rate all of the Mercy Falls books, I give Sinner a 5/5 stars for all around fantasticness and unspeakable writing talent. Can't wait to meet Maggie on her Sinner Tour!

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  1. I really loved this series, I wished it hadn't ended when it did. Maybe she will write another book or a spin off from this series about their kids maybe.

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