Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thinks: Rewriting Process

That's not Kermit you see up there. That's me. 

As most of you know, I've written a contemporary YA ms. It's been setting on my shelf for a while, because I knew it was missing something-- I just didn't know what. Something about it was just... off. It wasn't right.

About a month ago, I picked it up, looked through it, started thinking on what would make it better, and came up with nothing. So, I started to rewrite it, seeing if I liked the way it came out more this time, and I did. After the first couple pages, I figured out what one of the things bothering me about the other ms was, and I fixed it. After the first chapter, I realized another thing. And after the fourth, another thing. 

Guys, I'm on a roll over here. 25k has gone by quickly, and I spend every moment of my free time writing. It's gotten so bad that I've had to force myself to pick up a book or two so I can keep the blog going, because my head is just so stuck in, quite literally, my own little world.

It's my goal to finish it by the end of April. I'm not even halfway in, so we'll see what happens, but I think I can do it. 

Now, I'm going to sign off and get started. I keep thinking about my current chapter, and I'm getting distracted.


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