Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thursday Thinks: A Star Wars Graduation

Hello, friends! I just wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge the fact that....


I know, I can't believe it either. But yes, it really is happening. 

On National Star Wars Day. 

I honestly don't think there could have been a better way to graduate. Ending your high school career with lightsabers and Sith Lords? Doesn't get much better than that.


Because of this beautifully Star Wars-ian graduation, I want to share the joy with one of you. If you're a big Star Wars person, you're going to want to get in on this.

Up for grabs is a Star Wars Prize pack, including a SiGnEd copy of BLOODLINE: NEW REPUBLIC by Claudia Gray, which released only yesterday. This story is set in the years just before The Force Awakens, and is told from Princess General Leia Organa's point of view. This is one of the books that will give us so much of the information that we had to piece together during the movie, as well as answer some of our burning questions (i.e. How exactly did the resistance start? Who started it?)

As well as the brand-new book, you'll find yourself in possession of some fantastic reading accessories that will keep your BLOODLINE experience feeling out of this world (You see what I did there? Hehehe.). 

Anyways, I'm going to run. This COLLEGE girl has a graduation ceremony to prepare for. Must see the friends walk!

Thanks for celebrating with me, and May the Fourth Be With You.



  1. My favorite has to be A New Hope

  2. Replies
    1. I think A New Hope is a popular choice! It's a good one :)

    2. I think A New Hope is a popular choice! It's a good one :)