Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: NIL By Lynne Matson

     Once upon a time, a blogger friend of mine started tweeting #NilTribe and #WinNil and I wanted to know what this was about. I found the author on Twitter, started entering giveaways, and became super stoked to read this book called NIL by Lynne Matson. FINALLY my stack has began its descent into smallness, so I picked up NIL and started it. I have to say that NIL was the most impressive read I've enjoyed in quite a while and I'm going to try not to rant and ramble. No guarantees, though.
     Charley doesn't know exactly how she got onto this island. She remembers walking across the Target parking lot and seeing something shimmer towards her, and then... she woke up on this beach. After surviving a few days on her own, seeing people is just what she needs to take the volleyball withdrawals away. Especially when one of those people is Thad. Island hunk extraordinaire, he introduces Charley to life on NIL-- the island where you have exactly 365 days to escape, or you die.
     While searching for the gates that lead back home, Charley and Thad discover truths -about themselves, each other, and the island as well- that just might change the way they see things. With Thad's 365th day approaching fast, the race against time to send him home is on. Will Thad make it, or will his body stay on NIL forever?
     I could go on for hours about this book. The plot was so well thought out, and the details so intricately woven... NIL is an insane read. And it's no easy breezy carefree read either. This one had me stressing out and sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way through, not to mention the cascade of tears. Looking for a good read to bid farewell to summer? Look no farther-- NIL is what you need. And it's based on an island *sing songy voice*! I would give NIL a 5/5 stars. I have absolutely no complaints with or about it. Let's all take a moment to just appreciate Lynne Matson for writing this book!

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