Tuesday, September 6, 2016


So, I don't know if you guys know this or not, but... college is NUTS. All I've done in the past two weeks is get up, go to class, eat, do homework, eat again, and sleep. Repeat. Again, and again, and again. 

Not to mention, my very first grade of my college career is a lovely 4/10. 

Life is good.

But I'm slowly getting used to my classes, and having to go from one building to another and then back again all day, and I'm really hoping that I can get things settled down enough within the next week so that I can get back to blogging again, because WOW WHAT A SLACKER I'VE BEEN.

But for serious, the only reason I'm even able to write this post up is because I have a four day weekend for labor day. It has been intense.

Intense, but I've been enjoying it. I'm not one for making too many new friends, but I've got a handful of people that I spend my campus time with, so I'm not complaining, and my classes are actually highly interesting. 

To make bloggy things worse, I haven't read a single thing since Cursed Child. That's why you're not getting a review today. I'm trying, I promise-- I just need some time to adjust.

I can tell you, though, that the next review is going to be on UNDER THE LIGHTS, which is book two in Abbi Glines' Field Party series that I adore. I keep sitting here looking at it on my shelf and just sighing that I haven't been able to read even one word. I think I'm slowly slipping into madness. Like, my eye is going to start twitching, and then I'm going to go full-on mental simply from my lack of daily YA. 

HOWEVER. In terms of bookish news, I think you guys can be pretty proud of me when I say that I have actually gotten one of my campus buddies to check out THE MAZE RUNNER from the library. I think I may have to terminate the friendship if he doesn't like it. It's Thomas and Newt and Alby and Minho and Chuck, how can you NOT?

So, yeah. Don't forget about me, guys. I'm still here, and I promise I'll be back on regularly soon.

In the meantime, read something awesome for me! Let me live vicariously through you!



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  3. HI STEPHNEE :D sorry you haven't had time to read lately D: but at least you're making friends! And stick in there, you'll get the hang of college soon. I hope your new friend liked (OBSESSED OVER) The Maze Runner and that you're doing well :)


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