Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Thinks: BookTube

I've been blogging for just over two years now. In those two years, I've had some amazing experiences as a book reviewer, and I love getting to talk to you guys about books every single week. There's something about sharing your love of books with others that just... you can't beat that feeling.

 Keeping this in mind, I recently was sent a link to a review of Lady Midnight. This girl was a booktuber, and it was easily the best review I have ever seen. It had me laughing and gasping for breath, and then on the verge of tears all within minutes. How I had never seen one of her videos before was beyond me, but I proceeded to spend the next hour browsing through her channel and giggling to myself as I watched her freak out in the very same way that I do. All about books. 

It threw me back to when I, myself, finished Lady Midnight. As soon as I hit the last page, I was on skype with my best friend and we were screaming and laughing and crying (Okay, that was just on my part. And I managed to be discreet. I'm a ninja that way.) and we talked for almost two hours about this book. And then we convinced my mom to read The Mortal Instruments. And I had an absolute blast with that conversation.

So now that I've blogged for a while, the idea of starting a BookTube channel is rolling around in my brain. There's the obvious problem: I am so highly mega technologically challenged that I would not even know where to begin. But right now I see a lot of positives out there.

What I want to know is from you BookTubers out there.

What are your insider pros and cons? I want to know the real stuff from the real experts.

And what do you guys think... would I make a good BookTuber?


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